Our Solutions

Brand management

Evaluating brand awareness and brand image is of essence to ensure businesses reach their goals. Marketing and commercial initiatives need to be based on strong yet tailored brand positioning research, refined brand equity audits and independent assessment of advertising and communication tactics, all baked by coherent data collected from current and potential customers and translated into actionable results by our team.

Market Structure

Consumer need to relate, and build loyalty, to brands and the products and services these represent. To create points of similarities, and more importantly, points of differentiations in consumers’ mind you need to rely on multidimensional scaling, while ensuring a master configuration for your products – we support your efforts with actionable information collected from market segmentation explorations and market share evaluations.

Shopper Insights

What drives customers through their market journey? What are the ultimate motivations, features, or event moral and ethical principles or believes that define their decision making process when choosing a product or service or when deciding to stay loyal to another? To help answering these questions, we ensure you access to category shopping investigation methodologies to better evaluate the shopper path to purchase.

New Product Development

Market introduction of new products could be a booster factor for your brand on its path to becoming the benchmark in your industry. We design sophisticated research and modeling methodologies, including product and concept test, conjoint analysis, offer optimisation, all aimed at offering an in-depth category and consumer understanding, thus guidelines for an effective research, development and launch of new products.

Customer Experience

A brand grows only if it listens-to-understand its consumers through each point of contact along their customer journey. We provide sophisticated yet straight forward support for analyzing your customer experience management, contextualizing KPIs like the net promoter score (NPS) and assessing if the level of customer retention is favorable against the holistic marketing framework you created for the encounter of customers with your brand.

Innovative insights

As you do with your offering, we invest time and substantial effort to understand your business, your goals, as well as your expectations and needs regarding marketing research. Complementary, we stay ahead of the curve and are connected to novelties concerning the evolution of the marketing research field. It is our commitment to find the most suitable research concept for you. Challenge us!

Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence (AACE)

Based on our relevant experience gained in over two decades of activity in the field of marketing research and involvement in projects with a high degree of complexity, we have built and developed AACE which provides advisory and advanced analytical services to our customers who wish to use the research insights as well as other sources of data in shaping valuable business decisions.

We particularly focus on Advanced Analytics such as:

  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Segmentation/Motivational Segmentation
  • Driver Analysis and Brand Mapping

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with you at whatever level of engagement you are looking for, from running an entire research project for you to providing advisory support as needed on a project you want to run yourself.