INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: MIA Marketing boosts its Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence (AACE)

Based on our relevant experience gained in over two decades of activity in the field of marketing research and involvement in projects with a high degree of complexity, we have built and developed the  AACE which provides advisory and advanced analytical services to our customers who wish to use the research insights as well as other sources of data in shaping valuable business decisions.

We particularly focus on Advanced Analytics such as:

  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Segmentation / Motivational Segmentation
  • Driver Analysis and Brand Mapping

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with you at whatever level of engagement you are looking for, from running an entire research project for you to providing advisory support as needed on a project you want to run yourself.

Please get in touch with Cristian Stefanescu or Ciprian Zamfirescu to explore your ideas and our proposed approach.